Retreat on Living Your Best Life: Lessons from John’s Gospel

June 16-19 (Thursday-Sunday)

God makes it possible for everyone to live their best life on earth. “But how?” we ask. Through the incredibly rich message in John’s Gospel, Jesus explained how we can actually live the “abundant life.” As we open ourselves to walk with Jesus through these 21 chapters, we will connect with his presence in a fresh new way, allowing us to live the miracle of love, heal from a broken heart, calm an anxious mind, maximize talents and resources, gain a better understanding of the world in which we live, and grow in trust in a mistrusting age.


Les Hollon
Preacher, professor, and author. Les is Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX. An award-winning preacher and author, he has spoken on several continents as well as in the churches where he has served as pastor. He is an outstanding Bible teacher who makes deep connections between the inspired text and our daily lives.
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Vicki Hollon
Vicki is currently the Senior Adult Minister at Trinity Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX.  For fourteen years, she was the Executive Director of the Wayne E. Oates Institute, and Interim Minister of Creative Life Center. Vicki is committed to helping people grow as disciples of Christ, while enjoying a life of relationships, service, and fun. She is an expert in the integration of Christian faith and pastoral counseling. Click here for more info.


Allen Levi
Guitarist, singer, and songwriter; Hamilton, GA.  Click here to listen.


Debbie Taylor
Painter; Nashville, TN. Click here to visit her blog.

Registration Fees

Lodge: $405
Black Bluff: $480

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