Laity Lodge Women’s Retreat

January 27-30 (Thursday-Sunday) 

Laity Lodge 

Standard Rate: $405 

Black Bluff: $480 

Sometimes we get stuck in our Christian lives. Fear, worry, shame, discouragement, and despair become barriers to spiritual growth. Yet God’s grace is present even in our troubles. His gifts of faith, hope, and love allow us to break through into deeper faith and fullness of life. Linda Roberts and Lynn Ziegenfuss will open the Scripture to help us receive God’s gracious gifts, so that we might grow in Him. Join us for times of study, silence, and sharing as we discover new freedom and joy in Christ. 


Linda Roberts 
Marriage and family therapist, spiritual director; residing in Boerne, TX. Click here for her website. 

Lynn Ziegenfuss 
Leadership development and spiritual formation specialist; San Diego, CA 


Sandra McCracken 
Singer-songwriter; Nashville, TN. Click here for her website.


Gwen Zapata and Mary Anderson
Precious Metal Clay Jewelry