Laity Lodge Women’s Retreat

July 29 – August 1 (Thursday-Sunday)

Laity Lodge

Type: Open Retreat

Lodge: $390

Black Bluff: $465

A line from a recent song by U2 claims “women of the future hold the big revelations.” At this year’s retreat, three women will share what they have discovered while following Christ through various professional and personal experiences. Laura Robinson Harbert will draw from Scripture and her experience as a psychologist to guide our conversations and mutual discovery.


Laura Robinson Harbert

Clinical psychologist and ordained Presbyterian minister; Pacific Grove, CA

Nancy Litteken

Spiritual Director, Executive Director of Club 21; Pasadena, CA

Evelyn Walker Jones

Teacher, mother, business owner; Compton, CA


Scott and Christine Dente

Recording artists, Out of the Grey; Nashville, TN


Bea Brock

Fabric artist and needle punching; Kerrville, TX

Barbara Collins

Mixed media collage; Kerrville, TX
Feel free to bring personal and sentimental items for use in the collage. This can include photos, paper scraps, and other embellishments. Click here, here, or here for further inspiration.