Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Men’s Retreat

September 16-18 (Friday-Sunday)


Christopher Powell
The Rev. Christopher Powell has been Rector of St. James’ Episcopal Church in Jackson, Mississippi, a parish of 2,400 members, since 2002.  A priest for over twenty five years, Christopher has previously served churches in the Hudson Valley of New York State and in Rutland, Vermont. 

Christopher has been active in the areas of parish development, Bible study, and leadership.  His passion is looking for Christ as He makes Himself known and encouraging others to do the same.  “I am honored and excited to be leading the Fall Men’s Retreat for Palmer Church.  I’m counting on this being a time of hope and transformation for me and for those who attend.”

“Blessing and Wound: You Get What You Settle For”
I find myself more fascinated with the person of Jesus now than I was when I went to seminary almost 30 years ago.  What often fascinates me is the “both/and” nature of our life with him.  Our pattern of both/and stems from a little emphasized part of his birth—the both/and nature of his entrance into the world.  He is both human and divine, priest and victim, prophet and the Word, long-awaited and the One to come.  Mary is both a virgin and a mother.  Joseph is both earthly father…and not.  And we—we are both sinners beyond measure and God’s beloved creatures. The both/and nature of God is even more evident at his death and resurrection.  Paul uses artful language in many places to indicate this, as in Colossians 3:3:  For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. We are dead…and alive, holy and…well, not so much. There is powerful, tangible, transforming blessing in our lives—and it only comes to us, only can come to us through the wound.”


Andy Gullahorn
Songwriter, guitarist, member of Square Peg Alliance; Nashville, Tennessee.  Click here for more information about Andy.


Johnny Jones
Woodworking: wooden utensils, small birds, and crosses; Boerne, Texas

Registration Fees:

Standard Housing: $230
Black Bluff: $280
Type: Church Retreat
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