Laity Lodge Retreat with Jeff and Ellen Schulz

March 4-6 (Friday-Sunday) 

Laity Lodge 

Lodge: $220 

Black Bluff: $270  

One of the essential realities—and mysteries—of God is the Trinity. What is the nature of the Trinity? If we are made in God’s image, how does God’s triune nature shape us and our relationships? The Eastern Church is famous for describing the Trinity as perichoresis, Latin for “dancing around.” What does it mean to “dance” with God and with one another? How might this impact our relationships, our generosity, and our culture? As we enter into conversation with Scripture, theology, and one another, our purpose will be to more deeply understand how the reality of the Trinity can profoundly and practically shape our lives. 


Jeff and Ellen Schulz 
Jeff and Ellen Schulz serve as co-pastors at Seattle First Presbyterian Church. Ellen, a Houston native and graduate of Baylor, and Jeff, a Seattle native and graduate of Yale, met at Fuller Seminary where they became partners in marriage and ministry. Ellen and Jeff served as Associate Pastors at First Presbyterian Church, San Angelo, Texas, and Highland Park Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas, before moving to Seattle in 2005. Their present call is to redevelop a once-dying, center-city church. Their vision is to develop a ministry that brings together rich and poor, powerful and powerless, in the city, of the city, to the city and the world, in the name of Jesus. Jeff and Ellen have four sons, ages 14, 12, 8, and 6. When not in the kitchen cooking for their tribe, at the field, court, or music hall cheering the tribe on, you can find them on a trail with their black lab, reading, or enjoying the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.

“As partners in marriage and ministry, we seem continually to more deeply discover that the essence of being is belonging: to God and to one another. The irony is that we often discover this essence in its absence. A philosopher called it a God-shaped vacuum that only God can fill. Many of the people we pastor call it a loneliness, emptiness, or meaninglessness that whispers—or sometimes screams—from our souls. It can bring into our lives, depending on how we respond to it, havoc or heaven. We have seen and experienced much of both, as pastors, spouses, parents, and friends. We see the longing for belonging as one of the most precious of God’s gifts, and being good stewards of it continues to be one of the foci of our ministry.” 


Nathan Tasker
Nathan is a recording artist and songwriter from Australia, named 2006 Artist of the Year and awarded Song of The Year by the Australian Christian Music Charts. He now lives in Nashville with his wife, Cassie. Visit his website for more information. 


Fran Patterson
Prayer Journaling; Austin, TX