Questions about COVID? Read our Health and Safety Guidelines.

Open Weekends are opportunities for private, personal retreat at Laity Lodge—to step into the ongoing life-of-the-Lodge for an experience of refuge and rest, silence and nature, discernment and prayer.

You decide how you want to encounter the time and space. Although there will be no traditional retreat programmatic elements (no large group sessions in the Great Hall), you may find a few simple (and optional) Lodge-curated happenings on offer during your stay.


Open Weekends are limited to a small number of guests.
All meals (Friday dinner-Sunday brunch) are included.

We want you to be completely at ease.
Safety and trust are the bedrocks of any experience at the Lodge, so we are taking extra measures to ensure those same realities characterize these mid-pandemic offerings too. Read more about our safety and health guidelines and procedures below.

Fee: $300/person
Arrival time: Friday, 3:00-6:00 PM
Departure time: Sunday, 12:00 PM


Registration Lottery

In an effort to alleviate registration day worries, we’re shifting to a lottery-based registration for Open Lodge Weekends. Given the limited size of these retreats, we hope that this allows for a fair, broadly accessible, and less stressful registration process for you.

How It Works




Lottery Closed





Lottery Closed





Lottery Closed


Health and Safety:

The health and safety of our staff, guests, and community are our top priority. We’re asking you to join us in following these guidelines to ensure that a generous spirit of hospitality (characterized by mutual care and respect for friend and neighbor) defines every Open Lodge Weekend.

Our Staff
During Your Visit
Check-in Procedure

Please carefully review the above before leaving for Laity Lodge. If you exhibit any ONE of the above, please do not come to the Lodge. We will offer you a full refund should this be the case.

Guests who have come into direct contact with someone testing positive for COVID-19 should not come to Laity Lodge without first contacting their health care provider. Otherwise, they will be asked to return home.

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