Welcome to Home Delivery No. 2. This episode is a reflection of a retreat that was planned for the weekend of June 18, 2020. It was recorded in early May, just before the time of cultural reckoning that has since occurred, and we initially delayed the release of this material. In the process of waiting, we found that many of the themes presented here speak to this moment—and prepare us for the work ahead.

Four friends—Adam Neder, Ellen Davis, Sandra McCracken, and Peter Harris—reflect on the risk of love. Patience, trust, silence … these are the necessary preconditions for learning to love one another, for sticking it out. But what happens when the pressure is on? How do we respond? What does faithfulness look like?

We’re under no illusion that this Home Delivery offers easy answers or quick fixes. But Laity Lodge retreats have always been about making space for rest, recalibration, and renewal—in order to return to all the places, relationships, and challenges that lay ahead.

So we invite you to find some time to fully experience this retreat. Plan to arrive (just like you would at the Lodge) ready to attend. Open and receptive. Patient and prayerful.


Ellen Davis | Durham, NC | web
Adam Neder | Spokane, WA | web 
Sandra McCracken | Nashville, TN | web
Anthony LaMarca | Youngstown, OH | web
Jay Foote | Brooklyn, NY | web
Tyler Chester | Los Angeles, CA | web 
Peter Harris | Wiltshire, UK | web
Sarah Dark | Nashville, TN | web