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The Quiet House is currently closed.

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What happened to the Quiet House?

Early in 2020 the Quiet House closed to new registrations. Booking a stay was convoluted, and we hoped a brief hiatus would allow for the development of a new, streamlined registration process.

Then the pandemic hit and the entire Canyon closed to guests. After months of cancellations and postponements, we were finally able to resume honoring pre-existing Quiet House reservations in fall 2020.

Still, logistical challenges remained. The development of the new registration system was significantly delayed. Plus, staffing changes meant that the Laity Lodge team was stretched too thin to provide the necessary coverage for Quiet House guests.

As would-be Quiet House guests continued to inquire about availability, we found ourselves repeatedly writing back (with earnest hope!): “The Quiet House really should be opening soon… !” And it really should be. We just don’t know when.

We all feel the need for the type of retreat afforded by this secluded dwelling. As soon as we can serve guests at the Quiet House well, we’ll open registration again. We can’t wait for that day.