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Performance by Buddy Greene, Jeff Taylor, Andy Gullahorn, and Andrew Peterson »

Through a variety of fortunate circumstances, Buddy Greene, Jeff Taylor, Andy Gullahorn, and Andrew Peterson were all planning to be at the same winter retreat. These are not members of the same band; they’ve never recorded an album together. But they are friends.

Days before the retreat we contacted them all:

“Lately we’ve been kicking around the idea of trying to make some simple videos of musicians at the Lodge…. We would like to attempt something next weekend if we can find the time…. it might be a lot of fun to get you all playing together.”

So there we were, just after lunch on Friday afternoon, shivering together in the Box Canyon with only a sketch of plan of what to do next.

Bringing friends together, being receptive to a place, learning something new, and maybe just winging it … these are some consistent ingredients in our retreat planning process. And when these things come together, like they did when Andrew started singing In the Night, it’s a privilege to watch what takes shape. It’s also fun to film it. Enjoy.


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