When we met Kelley McRae and Matt Castelein at the Box Canyon entrance, we realized that perhaps we had not sufficiently described the hike ahead. Kelley’s shoes weren’t exactly designed for trails. Both were wearing guitars. We knew that slick rocks and rope-enabled climbs (however modest) awaited our crew—maybe filming Kelley and Matt in the deeper reaches of Box Canyon was not such a good idea after all.

But the late afternoon hike was nothing too daunting for a couple who had sold everything to take up a life on the road in pursuit of music. Unfazed, Matt and Kelley led the way. Matt even played guitar as we walked. They helped each other negotiate the climbs: swapping guitars, holding ropes.

The sun was setting when we reached our destination. We spent a few minutes talking about their experiences on the road—the joint blessings and burdens that make up a life. When they finally got around to singing “Stay Close to Me,” kicking up dust as they kept time, the song took flight.