Sandra McCracken and Sara Groves performing Dynamite live in the Box Canyon at Laity Lodge, July 18, 2015.

“Some friends and I went on a pilgrimage to meet Wendell Berry one afternoon and had a conversation with him about life, life living in a city, what does a sustainable life look like, what does the word sustainable mean … all these kinds of conversations. Out of that came a few things that he directed us towards. One was where does the water in your area come from, and your energy?

I remember hearing the quote from Jonathan Edwards years ago, and it came up as I was exploring these themes, that we are shaped by our greatest desires. So we are free to choose, but we are always a slave to our greatest desire. As we’re motivated, as our life … we make small decisions through the course of the day, or we’re formed by habits. At the same time, at the base of those habits, is what we love. And so looking honestly at that is important work. It’s often hard work just staying awake, or becoming awake to it, and then being able to walk out a thoughtful life in regard to what we love.”