Performance by Jars of Clay »

The last song of the night with Jars of Clay was Silence. Dan invited the audience to sing along and the band walked us through a brief tutorial showing us just where and how to join in. We did eventually (and somewhat quietly) find our collective voice near the end of the performance. But for the most part we stood in silence and listened.

We’ve all got questions, so it seemed fitting to be concluding the evening (and the series) with this song — a sort of anthem to those questions that keep getting asked and the all-too-often silent response. And it seems equally fitting to close this description with a quote from David Dark, a regular contributor at the Lodge and a mutual friend of Jars of Clay and ours (his name comes up whenever we’re together):

“I believe deliverance begins with questions. It begins with people who love questions, people who live with questions and by questions, people who feel a deep joy when good questions are asked. When we meet these people–some living, some through history and art—things begin to change. Something is let loose. When we’re exposed to the liveliness of holding everything up to the light of good questions—what I call “sacred questioning”—we discover that redemption is creeping into the way we think, believe, and see the world. This re-deeming (re-valuing) of what we’ve made of our lives, a redemption that perhaps begins with the insertion of a question mark beside whatever feels final and absolute and beyond question, gives our souls a bit of elbow room, a space in which to breathe and imagine again, as if for the first time.” -from The Sacredness of Questioning Everything