Performance by Jonny Rodgers (Cindertalk) and Kenyon Adams »

We should have known Jonny had a good system for transporting his wine glasses. They were secure, affixed to a custom case. At airports he checks them at the gate. And there was the answer to our first question: Yes, we could get the wine glasses into Box Canyon.

As for question two: No, we could not put Frio river water into them. Jonny, using his own water, started the process of filling and tuning his glasses. Kenyon positioned himself on a boulder and practiced some harmonica and vocal riffs. Nobody, it seems, really knew what was going to happen next.

Eventually, Jonny caught Kenyon’s eye and announced a rough plan for “Spero.” The “plan” sounded sketchy and appeared to rely more on hope than specific parts. But these are old friends who trusted that something would come together. Once Jonny got the song started, they both seemed to lean in to the space between … more intent to listen than to add a potentially unnecessary note.