Below we offer a few tips to help you prepare for your trip to Laity Lodge. If there is anything else you need, please let us know. We look forward to seeing you in the Canyon soon!

Reminder » Cell phones do not work in the Canyon. For those that may need to reach you during a retreat, they may call Reception: 830-232-3640.

1What time do the retreats start?
Unless otherwise indicated, retreats begin at 6:00 p.m. with a reception and conclude at noon on the last day of the retreat. Arrivals begin at 3:00 p.m.
2What is the typical retreat schedule?
This sample schedule represents the design of all Laity Lodge retreats. Every retreat is unique, however, and the official schedule for your retreat will be posted at the hostess office. Note: for 3-day retreats (Fri.-Sun.), simply substitute the Thursday schedule for Friday's.


6:30 | Reception
7:00 | Dinner
8:15 | Large group session
9:30 | Refreshments


8:00 | Morning Prayer
8:30 | Breakfast
9:40 | Large group sessions and conversation
1:00 | Lunch
2:00 | Free Time (includes art and other activities)
6:30 | Dinner
7:45 | Session


8:00 | Morning Prayer
8:30 | Breakfast
9:40 | Large group sessions and conversation
1:00 | Lunch
2:00 | Free Time (includes art and other activities)
6:30 | Dinner
7:45 | Concert


8:30 | Continental Breakfast
9:30 | Large group session
11:00 | Brunch
12:00 | Departure
3What activities can I expect at a retreat?
A relaxed pace allows time for developing new friendships, sharing in small groups, interacting with gifted resource people, or enjoying solitude. Afternoons afford a variety of recreational activities. Depending on one’s individual need, ample opportunities abound for canoeing, hiking, reading, study, a paddle-boat ride, kayaking, biking, a set of tennis, arts/crafts, or simply a peaceful nap in a hammock. The Laity Lodge bookstore offers countless volumes of varied literature for hours of reading pleasure.
4What does the registration fee cover?
All meals, programs, and lodging are included.
5What are the accommodations?
Laity Lodge consists of three different guest room buildings: the Lodge, Black Bluff, and Cedar Brake. Each offers something slightly unique while maintaining a consistent level of quality.
6Where is the nearest airport?
San Antonio is the closest commercial airport to Laity Lodge. Be sure to include the two-hour drive from the San Antonio airport to Laity Lodge in your travel arrangements. Private aircraft can land at the Leakey airstrip, 12 miles away from the Lodge.
7Will my mobile phone/computer work?
Mobile phones don’t work in the Canyon. There are no telephones, televisions, radios, or internet access in the rooms. Limited Wi-Fi is available in and around the Great Hall.

GPS on smart phones and other devices may be unreliable due to our remote location, so we recommend printing or downloading directions before you travel.
8What should we bring to Laity Lodge?
The atmosphere at Laity Lodge is very informal, so casual or sport clothes are appropriate. Please dress comfortably. Pack appropriate footwear for your involvement in any of the many recreational activities available, including hiking, tennis, and biking. Be sure to include any personal toiletries and a hair dryer if you need one. Towels, bedding, housekeeping service, and laundry facilities are provided.

Suggested items include:

Good walking shoes
Comfortable, casual clothes
Warm outerwear for cool nights
Swimsuit (for those considering swimming in the Frio)
Hair dryer
Sun block
Bible and notebook
9Do you have accommodations for special needs?
ADA rooms are available. The kitchen will happily try to satisfy any dietary restrictions. Just let us know.
10How can I be contacted in an emergency?
Call the front desk at 830-232-3640. Our staff will relay the message promptly.
11May I bring my children? Pets? Firearms? Tobacco?
We hope that your experience at Laity Lodge is one filled with mutual care and respect for friend and neighbor; that you share in a place where we honor our time together. While Laity Lodge is an adult retreat center, high-school-aged children are welcome to attend a retreat for the same registration fee as an adult. Although we welcome registered service animals if they are needed to assist you during your stay, please leave your pets at home. Please leave your firearms at home as well. If you smoke, we ask that you refrain from doing so in rooms or on room porches and balconies. We trust you will be mindful of other guests in shared, common areas.