Feb 16 - Feb 18, 2018

Couples Retreat



Jan and Mark Foreman


Dave Massman (Bio)


Ashley Cleveland & Kenny Greenberg

Finding Love On The Road to Hana

Many roads converged at the 2018 Couples Retreat as spouses turned left in the Frio river-road, headed towards the Lodge. On a cold and gray Friday, Mark and Jan Foreman described the tropical road to Hana as a metaphor for the journey—and adventure—of marriage. They noted the place of time, beauty, conflict, play, surprise, boundaries, and the Cross on these paths. They invited couples to question, consider, and pray together about these seven “mile markers.”

As the February sun broke through on Saturday, some couples shared the time of being together at rest. Others discovered the surprises (and maybe conflicts) of carving kitchen wares together with Dave Massman. Still others sought the beauty of a riverside walk to Box Canyon. That evening, all reveled in the playfulness of Ashley Cleveland and Kenny Greenberg’s music.

On Sunday, these many roads diverged again, rising out of the canyon, and turning onwards onto Highway 83.


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