Jul 9 - Jul 13, 2018

Creativity Week



Cameron Anderson


Casey Reed Johnson (Bio)
Robert Feuge (Bio)
Jim Morris (Bio)
Susan Isaacs (Bio)
Erika Huddleston (Bio)


Charles Webb (Bio)
Anne Martindale Williams (Bio)

Creativity Week is back! This Lodge classic runs a full week (Mon.-Fri.) and is designed to emphasize the arts. Each day will begin with a morning meditation with Cam Anderson (his theme: “An Artist Reads Genesis 1-3”) followed by a day of creating. Guests will select from multiple workshops including photography, ceramics, painting, woodworking, writing, improv, and jewelry-making. The evening program will vary from day to day.

Absolutely no sort of artist credentials needed! The retreat is intended to serve people of all levels and abilities (even self-professed “non-artists”).

Retreat Audio