Jul 9 - Jul 13, 2019

Creativity Week



Murray Watts


Please see below for a complete list of artists and activities.

This summertime classic was designed to emphasize the arts and crafts. Each day began with a morning meditation with Murray Watts followed by a day of creating. Guests selected from multiple workshops including ceramics, painting, woodworking, printmaking, acting, and jewelry-making. The evening program varied from day to day and included classical performances from our very own house quartet.

Here is a complete list of the artists and activities at this year’s retreat:

Katherine McAlister | Ceramics | web
Casey Johnson | Woodworking | web
Andy Gullahorn | Songwriting | web
Virginia Sitzes | Printmaking | web
Jim Morris | Jewelry-making | web
Sally Lloyd Jones | Readings, Writing & Mischief | web
Andy Harrison | Theatre | web

Retreat Audio