January 12 - January 15, 2023

Men's Retreat



Curt Thompson (web)


Robert Feuge (web)


Buddy Greene (web)
with Jeff Taylor


Suffering and the
Formation of Hope

Eventually suffering finds each of us in our own particular way. For some, it is obvious and unavoidable. Others can work hard to pretend it doesn’t exist. In either case, hope can feel just out of reach or like something we can’t even imagine.

The good news is, hope is not something that we may or may not find—it is not something that magically appears or doesn’t. Rather, it is something we form. And we do so most durably in the presence of vulnerable community.

Join Curt Thompson as we explore how St. Paul’s letter to the Romans reignites our imaginations to form hope in the darkest places. Hope that will last. Hope that will joyfully transform our suffering into glory.

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