July 7 - July 10, 2022

Summer No. 4



James K. A. Smith (web)

Marilyn McEntyre (web)


Lanecia Rouse Tinsley (web)


Steuart Pincombe (web) with Rachel Yonan (web) and Nick Tavani (web)


When Are We?

The Practice of Spiritual Timekeeping


“To hope in Christ is at the same time to believe in the adventure of history.” — Gustavo Gutiérrez

This retreat is an invitation to consider—and practice—the art of spiritual timekeeping. This is not about “what to do spiritually with your time,” or some kind of spiritualized time management. Rather, spiritual timekeeping is a matter of becoming attuned to the texture of our histories, the vicissitudes of life, and the tempo of the Spirit. We will engage in contemplation and exercises that foster reckoning, discernment, hope. We need to reckon with our (personal and collective) histories so that we can discern how the Spirit is afoot in the present and thus hear the future to which God is calling us.