March 2 - March 5, 2023

"By His Wounds":
A Deep Retreat



David Nienhuis (web)

Linda Roberts (web)


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Jon and Valerie Guerra (web)


“By his wounds we are healed”:
A Deep Retreat

It is often said, “Hurt people hurt people.” But it is also true that because of their woundedness, hurt people sometimes develop a powerful capacity to participate in the healing of others. Our wounds can damage our ability to live in open and loving relationships, but they can also be the very thing that breaks us open to offer life-giving compassion and empathy to others. They might even empower us to speak the truth in ways that save others from being wounded as we were.

One of the great mysteries of Christian faith is the good news that in Christ, God responded to a world of wounds not by destroying the wounders, but by becoming a wounded person himself. In this Lenten retreat, Dave Nienhuis and Linda Roberts will lead us through an exploration of how Christ’s wounds might help us live in truth and integrity in a wounded and wounding world.

This is a continuation of a retreat held in Fall 2022 with Dave Nienhuis and Linda Roberts.