Jan 10 - Jan 13, 2019

Men's Retreat



Curt Thompson


Buddy Greene & Jeff Taylor (web)
Kenny Greenberg (web)
Andy Gullahorn (web)


We all have stories of passing certain thresholds in life and suddenly finding our eyes opened to important things that were previously hidden in plain sight.

We can begin to question fundamental assumptions about ourselves and the roles we occupy. It is in the context of faithful, intimate community that we are able to discover these things by telling our own story and hearing the stories of others.

And it is in the development of these confessional communities that connection, courage, and creativity emerge in ways that are—literally—beyond our imagination (Ephesians 3:20). The annual men’s retreat will reconvene in an attempt to create just this type of community for a few days at the Lodge, and to inspire such relational storytelling back home in our local communities.


Retreat Audio