Feb 27 - Mar 1, 2020

Neighboring Together


A selection of retreat guests will share their stories and experiences


Lanecia Rouse Tinsley


Liz Vice & Nigi Adeleye


How do we attend to the needs of our neighbors? How do we become neighbors to those whom we rarely encounter and whose lives look different from our own? This retreat brought together a range of people who are living with these challenges and building solutions to meet them.

In this era of rising inequality, children and families in some neighborhoods enjoy every imaginable resource, while other neighborhoods offer few opportunities to thrive. The spaces where we live, work, and worship are deeply segregated by economics, race, and culture. Within the same city—sometimes even the same school district or ZIP code—our neighborhoods are worlds apart.

Our goal was to listen and learn from each other—hearing about the ideas and experiments emerging from churches, businesses, educational institutions, media, and more. Several invitees shared short testimonies on the problems and solutions they’ve experienced, along with open questions on areas where they need help to see things through.

We also made lots of space for the rest, reflection, conversation, and play of a traditional Laity Lodge retreat.

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