Nov 15 - Nov 17, 2019

Open Lodge Weekend


N/A, self-directed


The first of its kind—a self-directed, low-programmed retreat opportunity. Step out of your routine into the rhythms of the life-of-the-Lodge.

“I wish I could just be here for a weekend.” That’s a common comment we hear at the Lodge. Often there is a note of longing in it—a desire for a break, for rest, for quiet, for being in nature, for discerning the voice of God—the sorts of things that we readily admit we can’t exactly program for. These are the more ineffable realities that sometimes, somehow, become more accessible in environments like the Frio River Canyon.

So we’re trying something new: an open retreat weekend. If the offerings of Laity Lodge are defined by two poles—entirely self-directed (and hard to book!) stays at the Quiet House on one end, and fully programmed Thursday-Sunday retreats on the other—then this Open Retreat represents something in-between.

The “program” will be primarily defined by you and how you want to (or need to) encounter the space and time. For our part we’ll provide morning prayers, a brief morning meditation, music, and maybe an optional, low-key activity or two. We’ll conclude the retreat with the simplest of worship services, just before brunch, on Sunday morning.

The Open Lodge retreat marks our first foray into this sort of offering. If the opportunity resonates with you, we hope you will consider joining us in November.