Apr 20 - Apr 22, 2018

Spring Retreat



Charlie Peacock & Andi Ashworth

Peter & Miranda Harris


Evan & Brette Way (Bio)


For reasons too complicated to explain, we recently found ourselves with a team of resource leaders for a private retreat that needed to be postponed. Rather than cancel the weekend altogether, we’ve decided to improvise and fashion a completely new retreat inspired by the life and work of two couples: Peter and Miranda Harris and Charlie (Peacock) and Andi Ashworth.

Peter and Miranda are the co-founders of A Rocha, an organization committed to caring for God’s creation through community-based efforts attached to vulnerable habitats. Their work started in Portugal and has spread to twenty countries around the world. Peter and Miranda have an infectious ability to help people appreciate what redemption looks like in places we often don’t expect.

Charlie Peacock and Andi Ashworth have spent their married life committed to the arts and artists. Together they founded the Art House in Nashville—a place that served as their home, Charlie’s recording studio, and the base from which they’ve offered hospitality, conversation, and community to guests from around the country. Today new expressions of the Art House are also thriving in St. Paul and Dallas.

Although the vocational focus of these two couples is different, they have a lot in common. Both couples (and the organizations they founded) are shaped by a vision of the Gospel that takes seriously the creation, fall, and redemption of the world. Both organizations have been pioneers for the Church when it had a limited imagination for the Arts and Creation Care (i.e. Conservation). And both have been in it for the long haul—maintaining commitments to community and hospitality for more than thirty years.

Retreat Audio