June 15 - June 18, 2023

Wake up to Wonder!
Women's Retreat



Karen Marsh and friends


Wake up to Wonder!
Women’s Retreat

Laity Lodge is a place of extra-ordinary marvels both massive and miniature: the unfolding miracles of the emerald Frio River, a hidden fern, a primordial rock face, your own breath. In the good company of other creative, open-hearted women, you are invited into a weekend of restorative spiritual and wellness practices borrowed from Scripture, Christian tradition, science and the arts—drawn from wise guides both ancient and new. Pay attention. Center down. Be amazed. Return to your Life: fragile, surprising and blessed.

In addition to morning talks from Karen, this retreat will prominently feature the voices of multiple women sharing from their own unique experiences and perspectives including: Debby Boone, Ashley Cleveland, Susan Isaacs, and Deanna Smith.