Jul 8 - Jul 11, 2021

The Things We Carry



James K. A. Smith

Laura Harbert


Ned Bustard (web)


Lowland Hum (web)


The Things We Carry: Emergence, Remembering, Reconnection

No blueprints exist for this present moment. We are all walking a new path. We wonder what it will feel like to re-emerge. What world will we find?

This weekend we created space for contemplation, reflection, and sharing of what we have experienced over the past 16 months. What do we reclaim? What do we discard? What are the losses and what are the unexpected gifts that each one of us has held? How have we experienced God’s presence or absence in the midst of our collective trauma?

Through a combination of teaching, worship, times of solitude, and small group conversation we re-imagined our post-pandemic lives and made meaning of what we have been through.

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