Checklist: April 10, 2017

As complex as the Laity Lodge renovation project has become (consisting of multiple buildings and acres of landscape), the full scope of it lives as a simple (albeit long) list. Our internal team has a check-in meeting each Monday morning to review the current state of things, make a few decisions, and assign tasks for the days ahead. Below is a snapshot of what is happening this week.

  • Lodge wall tile installation (almost finished)
  • Lodge upstairs bathroom floor tile installation
  • Lodge interior stonework to be completed
  • Lodge interior paneling installation
  • Lodge exterior doors installation
  • Cedar Brake Main House framing continues (75% complete)
  • Cedar Brake exterior stonework
  • AC/Heating installation continues at Dining Room, Great Hall, and Kitchen
  • Painting at Dining Room and Great Hall (inside and outside)
  • Great Hall furniture to be ordered