Lodge Concrete Pour

The story of the pre-dawn pouring of the Lodge foundation is best told by an email sent to all HEBFF staff from the Director of Safety and Regulatory Compliance:

On Wednesday morning at 5:00 AM, the concrete pour will begin on the foundation of the Lodge building.

It will last through the day with 20+ concrete trucks making their way up and down the main road, river, and Laity Lodge road.

This project of getting concrete trucks and demolition crews/equipment in and out safely takes the coordination of several people. As a safety measure, we will have some of those people posted at the antenna, river entrance, LL road entrance and possible SH Bluff house entrance with radios. If you are traveling through these areas at any time during the day on Wednesday, please know that you may be asked to stop and wait while a truck is entering/exiting.

This concrete pour will most likely take all day so the LL Crew and I would like to apologize for any inconveniences on all programs and operations in the Canyon.