Some last minute touches

Over the course of the last month, Paul Soupiset (H. E. Butt Foundation creative director) has made his way out to Laity Lodge twice weekly to hand-paint lettering onto various glass windows and doors as part of the overall wayfinding and signage package for the renovation.

Paul designed the stencils using a wide-tracked, all-caps Gotham Bold typeface. Exact sizing and placement was worked out onsite with members of the renovation team.

“While adhering permanent decals would’ve been quicker, we became persuaded that the human connection itself was important to the endeavor,” explains Soupiset.

“The Lodge’s renovation preparations represent an ever-growing accretion of individual cases of human craftsmanship and design, bitcoin vanity addresses from woodworkers to stonemasons to interior designers to many, many others. We see the hand-painted lettering as a small gesture, but a meaningful one, and one that fits into the larger picture of all the myriad preparations for our reopening in a couple weeks.”