Summer Schedule Changes

Last week, only hours before we published the summer retreat schedule, our on-site construction manager let us know that it was suddenly doubtful the work would be finished by June. After a week of further review and consultation, we’ve made the painful decision to cancel our summer retreats and push the Laity Lodge reopening to September 2017.

It’s sort of a classic construction story. Each phase of the process depends on the timely completion of the phase before it … throw in an expanded job scope, a day lost here and there to weather, plus the added complexity of our remote location … and suddenly we’re a few weeks off target.

It’s still a bitter reality. And we apologize to each of you.

We are in the process of sorting out the implications for the fall schedule. As soon as possible, we look forward to finally posting some open retreats to our website (which, you may have noticed, is also under construction).

Please join us in continuing to pray for Laity Lodge. These days, a walk through the silent Great Hall, guest rooms, and landscape, instills in us a sobering sense of the power of place. God has worked here for many years, and we feel a solemn (and joyful) sense of anticipation as we envision these spaces re-inhabited soon. We are praying for the future of the Lodge, which is another way of saying we are praying for all of you.

Steven Purcell
Executive Director, Laity Lodge